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Veteran Tournament

Welcome to the Veteran Tournament event page!
This event is currently inactive.

Veteran tournament results
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Veteran tournament set-up
Put on your big boy pants, this is a men’s challenge where the players will sweat!

The difficulty level speaks for itself...the odds are not in your favour.
But work as a team, sell your soul to the devil and you may have a chance!

Team sign-up fee: Free
Difficulty: Hell On Earth
Assigned perk level: 6

Minimum team size: 4 players
Maximum team size: 4 players

Game length: Custom Long (wave 6-10 + Patriarch)
Game mode: Wave mode
Total games: 1 for all rounds and best out of 3 for the Grand Final

Additional factors:
Custom long game
In  this Veteran tournament all games will start at the trader time before  wave 6 and the closest trader will be available to shop.
Each player  will receive a cash bonus at their first spawn, which will give them 1300 per player to buy a loadout and survive through wave 6.
If you respawn you will just get the standard Hell On Earth spawn cash.
Note: Our practice mutator can start from wave 6 and set custom spawn cash, click here to go to the download page

Team perk limit of 3
When playing in the tournament your team can only have a maximum of three of any particular perk.

Smart Patriarch
The Smart Patriarch! The brother of the Patriarch is paying the Killing Floor Games a visit!
Make sure to get yourself familiar with him as his DNA is different than the normal Patriarch!

Make sure you get the latest version!
All official KFG servers can be used to practice and contain the Smart Patriarch.

Click here to go to the download page and download the Smart Patriarch

Not available.

Not available.

 Tournament bookings
Not available.

Date: 1 September 2016
Version: 1.01

You can read the Killing Floor Games tournament rules below - these rules will be enforced throughout the whole tournament, sign-up process and all related KFG networks & groups.

All  competing players and clans/teams must abide by the rules and codes laid down within this document. Failure to do so could lead to permanent removal of any player or clan/team from the Killing Floor Games tournaments/events.

Killing  Floor Games reserve the right to update and modify the rules at any time, if the rules are updated or changed during Killing Floor Games events, the teams that participate in the Killing Floor Games events will receive notice via email, this will only be done in critical situations.

If you have questions about the rules please use our contact form.
General rules
Veteran tournament

A. Abbreviations
A1. KFG= Killing Floor Games
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B. General rules
B1. During the Veteran tournament all general rules apply.
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C. Veteran tournament
C1. A mutator modification will be used on our servers for the Veteran tournament which sets all players to use a level 6 perk, this is to have a better tournament balance since all players are given equal perk  level even if they haven't reach level 6 in the normal game.

During the tournament the Smart Patriarch will be used, see the tournament set-up above for more information about the Smart Patriarch.

C3. During the tournament games, teams can only select three of each individual perk.

KFG staff will use random map selection software for picking the maps:
a) During each round of the tournament all maps will be randomly chosen from the same tier.
b) The maps are in two tiers, used as follow: Round 1= Tier 1, Quarter finals= Tier 2, Semi finals= Tier 3, Finals= Tier 4.
c)  Teams will not play the same map more than once during the tournament. This means maps that were drawn in the map rotation in previous rounds will NOT be played by the same team.
d) The tournament bracket system applies and therefore all teams in the same bracket will play the same map in any single round.

C5. The maps for tier one are: KF-AbusementPark, KF-Bioticslab, KF-Crash,  KF-Departed, KF-EvilSantasLair, KF-Forgotten, KF-Foundry, KF-Hell,  KF-IceCave, KF-Manor, KF-Steamland, KF-Offices, KF-Transit,  KF-Waterworks.

The maps for tier two are: KF-Biohazard and KF-HospitalHorrors.

C7. The maps for tier three are: KF-ThrillsChills.

C8. The maps for tier four are: KF-Bedlam, KF-Hellride and KF-Wyre.

C9. Games have a time limit of 40 minutes (including all time penalties). Once this time is reached the game will be stopped and the ranking rules  will be applied to any progress.

C10. If a player or players disconnect during the first trader time of the match, the team may ask for a restart (in this case no penalty time will  be applied). This request can be only done ONCE for each match and ONLY in the first trader time of the game.

The reason for introducing this rule is because the 1300 spawn cash is vital for survival in the later waves.
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