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1. How does the tournament work?
   -Death Penalties
   -Skip trader time
   -Copy trader sysem
   -Restart system
   -Special tournament ruleset
   -Tournament bracket system
2. KFG Mutator

How does the tournament work?
So how does it exactly work, and what are the teams judged on during the tournament?
In the end it is all about achieving the highest rank, our ranking system rewards people who complete the game and kill the patriarch in the fastest time, but also allows people who don’t quite make it to proceed through to another round.
In order to rank teams we use the following set of conditions:
1. For teams that complete the match and kill the Patriarch, we rank them on match time.
   These teams are ranked ahead of all others.
2. For teams that fail to complete the game, we rank them on the highest wave they’ve
3. When multiple teams reach the same wave, they are then ranked on the time they’ve taken to complete the previous wave.
4. If teams fail to complete wave 1 then we rank them on the number of zeds they’ve killed.

Below you can see some of the tournament aspects on which teams are judged.
Death Penalties
Teams will be penalised when players die or the team is wiped out by time being added to the teams current play time:
+30 seconds for each player death
+2 minutes for a team wipe out
Skip trader time
In the tournament matches, you can skip the trader to save time by simply pressing the F10 key.
Copy trader system
To add a better sense of competition to our tournaments, when teams in the same bracket draw a map, all of them have the same trader list and makes sure the trader experience is fair for all teams.
Restart system
During each match, teams have a single chance to restart the wave. They can trigger this manually by all team members pressing the F2 button. Alternatively, if the whole team is wiped out, a restart will be triggered automatically. In either case, when a team restarts a wave, a time penalty of 5 minutes (team penalty + 6 deaths) will be applied to the time from the beginning of that wave. Before the restart, there will be a 5 second countdown and the team members will be placed back at the positions they held at the beginning of the wave (immediately before  trader opening time), with the weapons, ammo, health, armor and cash they each previously held.

Note: At some events there may be more than 1 restart, check the event pages for more information.
Special tournament ruleset
We have our own set of gameplay rules, more restrictive than you may be used to, but they keep the gameplay fair and spice up the matches. We think this is what makes our tournament stand out.
Tournament bracket system
During the tournament we use the KFG bracket system, below is a demonstration video of how everything works again.
KFG Mutator
Our custom mutator helps to enforce the tournament rules and provide a better spectacle for our viewers.
We also have a practice version of the mutator for people who have their own Killing Floor server. See the download section for more details.

During the sign-up period of the tournament, we also make the tournament servers available so people applying can practice.
More info about the KFG server mutator can be found here.
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