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Date: 14 March 2017
Version: 1.36

You can read the Killing Floor Games tournament rules below - these rules will be enforced throughout the whole tournament, sign-up process and all related KFG networks & groups.

All competing players and clans/teams must abide by the rules and codes laid down within this document. Failure to do so could lead to permanent removal of any player or clan/team from the Killing Floor Games tournaments/events.

Killing Floor Games reserve the right to update and modify the rules at any time, if the rules are updated or changed during Killing Floor Games events, the teams that participate in the Killing Floor Games events will receive notice via email, this will only be done in critical situations.

If you have questions about the rules please use our contact form.
Website general
Tournament Sign-up & Team organisation
Prizes live-stream
Player conduct
Forbidden exploits
Cheating & abuse
A. Abbreviations
A1. KFG= Killing Floor Games
B. Website general
B1. We store your email address purely for the purposes of normal uses of this site. It will not be used for any marketing goal and will never be shared with anyone else.
C. Tournament Sign-up & Team organisation
C1. Each team needs a leader who can be contacted for information and speak on behalf of the team.
a) The team leader MUST join the KFG Steam group, we advise all team members to become a part of this group and get involved as well.
b) As team leader, it is up to you to keep your team updated with all the information, rules, dates etc.

C2. During the registration period for a tournament our registration system works as following:
a) The team leader must register a team account, and invite players to join it.
b) A team must have a minimum of 4 members before they can reserve a tournament slot, a maximum of 12 participants are allowed (4 players and up to 8 subs).
c) Each player may only be a part of one team at a time, and hence may only participate once in any active tournament.
d) Once the tournament sign-up is closed, we take a copy of the signed up team members from the website to our server database; so ONLY the players who were registered in the team at the time the signup closed will have access to the tournament servers. No subsequent changes made via the website will affect the tournament team.
e) To clarify, If you have signed up for a tournament slot, you may still change this to slots which are open at that time, once the tournament sign-up is closed you cannot change to a different slot anymore.

C3. If your clan/group has enough players to make multiple teams they can participate. Each sub-team leader must register a separate team in order to reserve a tournament slot.

C4. Through out the tournament we will strive to keep all matches between 10 AM UTC and 9 PM UTC, within these times, slots are available for
teams to book their matches. Times may be changed due to unforseen circumstances.

You can find the tournament sign-up here and tournament info here.
D. Tournaments
D1. Each tournament will have its own specific rules which apply in addition to these general rules, these rules can be found on our event pages.
E. Prizes
E1. If 6 or more teams participate in the tournament, there will be 4 main prizes. If 5 teams participate, there will be 2 main prizes. If 4 teams participate, there will be 1 main prize and less than 4 teams would render the tournament cancelled.

E2. Prizes will be sent to the leader of the team via e-mail, for them to disperse among the group.

E3. Once winners of the tournament have received their prizes, they can use them as they see fit, give to a friend, trade etc.

E4. The winners will be announced as soon as possible after the tournament, this includes the awarding of prizes, certificates and other awards.
F. Live stream prizes
F1. When there is a prize question on the live stream, the first answer submitted by contestants will be treated as their final answer.

F2. All contestants who wish to enter the prize question need to add ‘prize:’ before their answer.

F3. If multiple people provide the correct answer, the random give away tool is used to select a winner.

F4. If there is a winner selected, the winner will receive a private message on Twitch with the prize, or instruction how to claim the prize.

F5. If after 14 days the prize has not been claimed by the winner, it will be returned to KFG and used for future prize questions.
G. Player conduct
G1. You will treat all your fellow players, admins and visitors with respect.

G2. No sexually explicit or foul language, disruptive or insulting behaviour or racism will be tolerated no matter what the excuse.

G3. Not knowing the KFG rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.

G4. Finally: this is meant to be fun for everyone involved so please encourage good behaviour and fair play.
H. General
H1. For more information on how the tournament works go to our tournament info page.

H2. KFG reserve the right to refuse entry to any clan/team or player, for whatever reason they see fit. In addition KFG reserve the right to remove any clan/team or player, for whatever reason, from competing in any event organised by KFG.

H3. KFG staff can be recognized by the [KFG] tags in their name.

H4. Referees may be appointed by the KFG staff. The referees will spectate on tournament games and report back to the staff members on problems or rule violations.

H5. KFG staff are not allowed to participate as players in KFG events.
Any person acting as a referee or commentator in any game of a tournament will be excluded from participating as a player in that tournament. This will not however preclude that person from participating as a player in any future KFG event.

H6. Warning (s) may be given to a team before disqualification.

H7. Teams can decide which server location they prefer, at the moment we have the locations France (Europe), LA (USA), New York (USA), Brazil (South America) and Sydney (Australia).

H8. Voice chat is allowed both with the in-game interface or an external program such as Teamspeak. If you need a voice server, you can order one  from Pingperfect and receive a 10% discount for the life of your server. To receive the discount, just submit a ticket after ordering the  server, and tell them KFG sent you.

H9. We will be recording video from all matches, these recordings may be streamed live and will be deployed to video sharing sites. The videos are and remain property of the KFG organisation. The broadcast of such recordings cannot be refused by any of the clans/teams playing in KFG events.

H10. The following will apply for live-streaming and recording:
a) During the tournament rounds all matches will be recorded and not live-streamed. The full match replays will be later available on the KFG YouTube channel.
b) The full match replays will be available after a tournament round or stage is finished.

The reason for introducing the recordings is to ensure that, for matches in the same bracket, there is no forward knowledge, by the second team, of the map to be played. This removes the option for the second team to practise on the map, or to learn/copy the strategy of the earlier team. This has been seen as an advantage to the second team in previous tournaments.

H11. The language that is used in KFG is English, this means that all communication that is involved with KFG must be in English.
I. Pre-Game
I1. Bracket system:
a) In round 1, brackets will be made with a number that suits the amount of signed up teams.
b) If less than 20 teams register, some bracket slots will remain empty. Both teams and empty brackets will be allocated randomly to the remaining slots.
c) The top ranking teams will proceed to the next round of the tournament.
d) The number of teams moving forward will be decided upon on the day of the tournament, in order to best fill the slots for the next round.
e) A team which does not show up will receive no rank and cannot proceed to the next round.

More info about the bracket system click here

I2. The following mutator will be used on our servers during the tournaments:

I3. During the tournaments, the following server joining procedure will apply:
a) All players have to check-in at the KFG steam group chatroom before their match starts, if the check-in process is not done correclty the team cannot reschedule their match.
b) Once the leader is in the chat room he will be given the login details for the Check-in server.
c) The team members should all then attempt to join the Check-in server.
d) If the full team have not joined the KFG Check-in server 10 minutes before match start, the match will be cancelled and will not be re-scheduled.
e) Once all the team members are assembled on the check-in server they will be given instructions to move across to their match play server.

I4. If the start time of your match is delayed by more than 15 minutes because of the overrunning of previous matches, or due to technical problems, you have the option to ask for your match to be rescheduled.

I5. No match can be played without KFG staff being present, if the KFG staff disconnects due to technical reasons and does not get back within 20 minutes, the team can reschedule the match.

I6. During the tournament, the group chat is only available for teams and players participating in the tournament. Additionally, there may be guests in the group chat, but these are invited by the KFG staff.

I7. During the sign-up period of the tournament teams can practice on the official KFG tournament servers.

I8. Teams can also download the official KFG practice mutator and use this on their own server, view the download section on the website.
J. In-Game
J1. In order to rank teams we use the following set of conditions:
1. For teams that complete the match and kill the patriarch we rank on match time, and these teams are ranked ahead of all others.
2. For teams which fail to complete the game we rank first on the highest wave achieved.
3. When multiple teams reach the same wave they are then ranked on the time to complete the previous wave.
4. If teams fail in wave 1 then we rank them on the number of zeds killed.

All teams unable to gather 4 players will be disqualified - teams are required to play with 4 players in a match during all competition conditions. It is not required, but we highly recommend teams to have 2 subs in case of disconnection, etc.

Note: This will only apply in the lobby where a team has not managed to collect the required amount of players before starting a match.

If a team loses players during a match, due to disconnections or other problems, then they need to request a pause until there are 4 players in the game again. If they use all of their pause time and cannot get 4 players connected, then the match will be terminated. However, any progress they have made will be counted towards their rank.

J3. During the tournament games, the only people allowed on a server are: KFG team, referees, the team that's playing and guests invited by KFG staff.

J4. Players are not permitted to switch perks during their game. The perk you select during the lobby screen will be your final perk so choose wisely.

J5. The suicide command is disabled during tournament matches.

J6. In the map Hospital Horrors we have relocated the spawn location. This new location ensures that players respawning after a death can always get to the trader, such as the trader on the roof.

J7. During the tournaments, the weapons Dwarfs Axe, Zed Gun & Zed Gun V2 will be disabled during the games.

J8. During the tournament all pick-ups are disabled (such as ammo boxes, vests and weapons).

J9. If complications or technical problems arise during the tournament matches, the KFG staff will pause the game and resolve the issues as soon as possible.
Any time lost will not be included in the team's playtime.

J10. If a player or team experiences a bug or problem in the tournament and the effect is enough to have influence on the game, teams need to report this immediately to the KFG staff. If the KFG staff is not informed properly of this during the same wave in which the issue has arisen, the bug or problem will not be taken into account.

J11. If the team asks for a pause, for any reason, the KFG staff can pause the game. The game is also automatically paused should a player disconnect from the game.
a) Teams will have a total 10 minutes  allowed for such pauses. If this time is used up then the game is  terminated. Any progress will still count toward team ranking.
b) Players can use these 10 minutes for any AFK time.
c) If your team has a sub, the sub should be ready to immediately join the game.
d) The substitute must have the same perk as the original player.
e) If a player is disconnected and another person returns we will consider this a switch. Your team can only make two player switches per match.
f) The teams must inform the KFG staff when they are ready to resume their game.
g) At the beginning of the game the team will be told that KFG are ready for them to play. At this point the pause timer will be started, it will continue to run until the team make ready and start their game. If the timer runs out before they start, then the game will be canceled.

J12. Unlike in the default game, the last 5 ZEDs are not removed automatically. To avoid problems when ZEDs get stuck or when they are too far away, they are now being teleported from the stuck/out-of-range point to a location nearer to the players. Any teleporting is always out of sight of the players. So this means that teams always have to kill all of the zeds from every wave! ZEDS will never teleport through welded doors.

In addition to the section above, in the event that one of the last 5 ZEDS is still, stuck the team may choose between finding it and killing it or can ask for a wave restart to replay that wave again. In this case, no extra penalty time will be applied to the team.
Please keep in mind that welding a door and leaving ZEDS to attack the door is not considered stuck!

NOTE: Once ALL zeds are dead, no wave restart can be requested.

J13. During the tournament, players/teams have the option to end the trader  time - this results in immediately starting the next wave after the last one finishes, and thus getting a better finish time in the end. In order to do this, players can press on the key F10 on their keyboard. Make sure to communicate well with your team, as one person can end the trader time for all!

J14. During each match, teams have a single chance to restart the wave. They can trigger this manually by all team members pressing the F2 button. Alternatively, if the whole team is wiped out, a restart will be triggered automatically. In either case, when a team restarts a wave, a time penalty of 2 minutes + 30 seconds per player will be applied to the time from the beginning of that wave.

Before the restart, there will be a 5 second countdown, then the team members will be placed back at the positions they held at the beginning of the wave (immediately before trader opening time), with the weapons, ammo, health, armor and cash they each previously held.

J15. During the tournament games it is possible that, in the final wave, the Patriarch can become 'stuck'. KFG defines stuck as being when the Patriarch cannot find a route to the players and cycles a small set of actions repeatedly or does not move to any location at all.

If the Patriarch gets stuck for whatever reason the following rules will apply:

1. If the Patriarch becomes stuck before the team has damaged the Patriarch, then the team will get a wave restart and will replay the Patriarch wave (in this case, no extra time will be added to your time).

2. If the Patriarch gets stuck when he is damaged or coming back from a heal, The referees will, as quickly as is practical, pause the game, and ask the team if they wish to teleport him to another location (as close as possible to his original position) or to take a free wave restart. If they opt to teleport, any time during which the patty is stuck will count toward the team’s time.

3. If the referees deem that the patty was stuck for a sufficient period while being attacked by the team, even if he is then freed, then the game will be paused and a free restart given.
(in this case, no extra time will be added to your time).

4. If the Patriarch is killed by the game rather than the team, for example by reaching an illegal spot, then the team will get a wave restart and will replay the Patriarch wave (in this case, no extra time will be added to your time).

Note: in each case, after the restart, the team will have to return to the trader to buy their final wave weapons, ammo and armour again.
If in the above situations a team receives a wave restart, in all cases this is performed by a referee.

J16. Individual death penalties: Each time a player dies, 30 seconds will be added to the team's time as a penalty.

J17. Team death penalty: an additional 2 minutes will be added to the team time, if all six players die in a single wave.

J18. The KFG staff/referee may make demo recordings of the game.

J19. During the tournament, we recommend you make video recordings of your own game/match, as the video material may help to clarify/serve as proof regarding rule violations, if made. In addition, KFG can request and ask players to make video recordings of their game/match to clarify any issue that may arise.
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K. Forbidden exploits
Below in the rules you can find specific modes of gameplay which are not allowed. The KFG staff believe exploiting features of the game in this way gives an unfair advantage to the team and have therefore disallowed them during tournament play.

It is possible that during tournament play, new exploits may come to light. If these are seen to provide the team with an unfair advantage, the game will be paused and the issue explained to the team. The team will then receive a wave restart. This wave restart will NOT affect their time, weapons, ammo,  health, armor or deaths.

Review the list of forbidden exploits rules before your match as it may have been updated!

K1. It is not allowed for players to place themselves in a location or object where zeds/specimens cannot reach them.

K2. "Pathbugging" is not allowed, this means that zeds/specimens cannot be placed in a situation where they are stuck or cannot use their natural walk paths.

If the KFG Staff determines that the team are occupying such a location they will pause the game and instruct the team that they must choose a different location, the KFG staff will then restart the game at the start of the wave they were playing. In this case no time penalty will be applied.

Welding doors to modify the path zeds take does not constitute "Pathbugging"

K3. Although we agree it's pretty cool, players are not permitted to stick explosives to themselves.

K4. It is forbidden to use the double-door exploit, this is when you have a double-door and only 1 door remains in place to be welded.

K5. It is forbidden to use any exploit which gives the player infinite ammunition or grenades.
L. Cheating & abuse
L1. We do not believe that it is KFG’s responsibility alone to catch players who cheat or use exploits. We believe it is the responsibility of all teams and players who take part in our events to prevent players from cheating and exploiting others in whatever form that may take.

L2. Cheating or using tools that modify or influence the gameplay is not allowed.

L3. During all KFG events, all the official KFG servers are VAC protected.

L4. Individual player bans: If a player is caught cheating in whatever form that may take then that player will receive a permanent ban from all current and future KFG events. All accounts registered to that individual will be removed from the KFG website and associated networks & groups.

L5. If a player is banned from the KFG events, the player may submit an appeal to the KFG to be reviewed. In order to submit an appeal the banned player has to contact the KFG staff via e-mail and e-mail only. You can find the contact form here.

L6. Suspension: In rare cases KFG may consider that a player or team suspension from competing at KFG is more appropriate. KFG reserve the right to suspend any player or team from competing in any current or future event at KFG for however long they deem is fit.
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