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Patriarch's Special
   1st: Synergy
   2nd: V52!
   3rd: MGC
Veteran Tournament Summer

  1st: Reaper's Death Squad
  2nd: MGC Devils
  3rd: V52!
Badass Tournament Winter

 1st: HDR
 2nd: MGC Muppets
 3rd: MGC Devils
Veteran Tournament Summer
 1st: HDR
 2nd: The Alliance
 3rd: The Resistance
Beginner Tournament 2
 1st: UrineTrouble
 3rd: W.E.S.T
Veteran Tournament 1
 1st: Snatchers
 2nd: Fluxiserver
 3rd: Gob$hite
Beginner Tournament 1
 1st: Team Suizid
 2nd: SLR
 3rd: F.A.R.T
Player awards 2017
Patriarch's Special 2017
KFG Addict
Register your team within 6 hours after the sign-up is open and stay over 30 hours in the KFG Steam chat during a tournament.
Patriarch's Special 2017
Trophy Collectors
Played in the winning team in two consecutive KFG events.
Patriarch's Special 2017
Scrake Butcher
As support specialist take down scrakes by yourself with a machete and a hunting shotgun. Oh yes, and with out breaking a sweat.
[H-H] Kaio
Team awards 2017
Patriarch's Special 2017
Trophy Case Campers
Finished in the top three in three consecutive KFG events.
Patriarch's Special 2017

Trader Skip Fanatics
More full trader skips than any other team in the tournament.
Patriarch's Special 2017
Maximum Penetration
Who needs a demolition? Play with 3 support specialists and do it with brute force.
Sharp Sp3cialists
Patriarch's Special 2017
Pipe Bomb Specialists
Picking the perfect pipe bomb location for double fleshpounds again, again and again.
Player awards 2016
Veteran Tournament Summer 2016
Survival Master
For survival skill in the most severe conditions.
Veteran Tournament Summer 2016
Patriarch's Funeral Witness
Going the distance in the Patriarch wave when all hope was lost.
Team awards 2016
Veteran Tournament Summer 2016
Rockstar Rookies
Excellent performance displayed by a new-four player team.

Reaper's Death Squad
Veteran Tournament Summer 2016
Innovation Specialist
For an innovative effort.
Old School
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