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KFG Pat's Special Picture Album - 12 June
The album on our website is updated with all team pictures from the Patriarch's Special 2017.

Leaders are sent an email as well with the group pictures, we hope you like them!

Click here to view the album
End Patriarch's Special - 11 June
20 May is where the classic horn blew in Round 1 of the Patriarch's Special 2017 and today we experienced the Grand Finals with the two final teams! V52! and Synergy, two top teams who did incredible well during the entire tournament.

We would like to congratulate the following teams for the first, second and third place:

1st: Synergy
2nd: V52!
3rd: MGC

Results & Replays

All the results can be found on the website again:

Meanwhile the semi-finals are on YouTube if you like to watch them again:

Next week we hope to have the Grand Finals up and there running as well!

Winners will get more info soon about how to claim their prizes via email.
We will still roll out more updates out about the content of this tournament like the group pictures, funny moments in the tournament etc.

We like to thank everybody involved for making the event great again!

Special thanks to: Pump Action Pete, Aris Boch, Grail, Rainbowman, StarwarsOZ, [TW] Molly, Ezni, GrizzleyRabbit, Lynda Smiles, Egg, Kamikaze, cmicroc, and Atmos.
Link to team show case:
Results Semi Finals - 10 June
The results from the Patriach's Special 2017 - Semi finals are now available.

Please view
Results Quarter Finals - 5 June
The results from the Patriach's Special 2017 - Quarter finals are now available.

Please view
Stream on Twitch.TV - 31 May
Today we are going to stream on Twitch, this will be based on Round 1 and showing some of the gameplay we have seen the last weekend.

You can find and of course follow us on

See you all there!
Pat's Special 2017- Booking QF now available - 29 May
All team leaders can now book for the Quarter Finals, an email from the KFG will be sent how to go further and book for the Quarter finals.
Pat's Special 2017- Booking QF now available - 29 May
All team leaders can now book for the Quarter Finals, an email from the KFG will be sent how to go further and book for the Quarter finals.
Pat's Special 2017- Maps for Quarter Finals - 29 May
Maps for the Quarter Finals have been picked, you can find them here:
Pat's Special 2017 - Round 1 results - 29 May
Last weekend Round 1 was finished, the best 8 teams go now to the Quarter Finals, visit the following link
for the results:
Round 1 Incoming! - 27 May
Round 1 is starting and we are very eager to see all teams play!

Today the following teams play:
3 PM UTC - Lunar Surge
5 PM UTC - Sharp Sp3cialists
7 PM UTC - Head Hunters
Patriarch's Special Registration Closed - 10 May
The registration is closed and teams can no longer sign-up for the Patriarch's Special 2017.
Patriarch's Special Registration Open - 10 April
Today the registration is open for the Patriarch's Special 2017!

The registration will be open for 1 month and closes on 10 May.

Go to our event page to find all the information!
Brazil server up - 9 April
Today the Brazil server is up and running, find more info on the server page.
New teambuilders - 7 April
Aris Boch and Pump Action Pete will be the new team builders for the upcoming Patriarch's Special event.
In the Steam discussion they will help solo players to get together and create teams.
New feedback form - 6 April
Today we added a new feedback form on the contact page.

Players can now give us feedback about the events and suggest what they would like to see.
Sydney Server Online - 6 April
As the tournament is getting more closer, the Sydney server is now online.
More information about the server can be found on our server page.
Patriarch Update - 5 April
Maybe some of you have already noticed that the Patriarch's Pathing has improved in our new mutator version, we included this change also in our mutator documents.

The difference is that the Patriarch will find the players and teams quicker then before due to more better pathing, in the past we saw that sometimes it can take too long before the Patriarch found the players, this change should give all teams more equal play conditions.
KFG Map Pack Available - 4 April
Today the KFG map pack is available! Visit our download page to download it.
Mutator now on Steam Workshop - 30 March
The practice mutator is now available on the Steam Workshop!

Mutator Updated - 29 March
Today we have updated the mutator on the website and is available for download on the download page!

This version includes all the features for the upcoming Patriarch's Special event.
Patriarch's Special - Event Info - 28 March
We recently updated the event page of Patriarch's Special, the next Killing Floor Games event.

Click here to go to the event page.
New IP France Server - 27 March
As of late the France Server has a new IP address the new IP is
Update to the bracket system - 24 March
We have made some changes to the bracket system and decided to create a seperate PDF file so people would understand how it works.
New about this bracket system is that depending on the amount of teams sign-up we pick a format that belongs to that size and teams
will play more closer and reducing the practice time in the same bracket.

You can find it here.

This info will be always available on our tournament info page.
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