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Q1 Where can I find more information regarding timezones?
A1 For more info about timezones you can also visit the following website click here to go to the timezone converter.
Events & Sign-up
Q1 How often does Killing Floor Games organise tournaments or events?
A1 We host an event roughly every 2-5 months

Q2 How many people are required to sign up?
A2 In normal events 4 players (full team) are required to participate, we do advise to have 2 extra players in case of disconnection or unforeseen circumstances.
There are some other events as well in which you can take part in without having the need of 6 players. This information can be always found at the event page of that event.
Live-stream, recording & commentary
Q1 Is the tournament live streamed? And is there any commentary?
A1 Yes, the tournament is live streamed on Twitch and features play-by-play commentary with the KFG staff including guest’s appearances. In some tournament rounds we only record the matches and upload them to YouTube.

After the tournament you can watch the replays again on YouTube.

Q2 During the livestreams, there are guest visiting the games, so how can I get in touch with KFG to attend the live streams as a guest?
A2 Use our contact form on the website and make contact with the KFG staff.

Q3 Do the Killing Floor Games tournaments have any gameplay differences or mods/mutators enabled?
A3 Yes, we have the Kiling Floor Games MOD enabled during the tournament. For more info regarding the mutators, please view our mutator document.

Q4 Is there a practice mutator and where i can download it?
A4 There is a practice mutator available, you can find the download page here.
Q1 Are we allowed to buy weapons for our team members?
A1 Yes, you can buy weapons for your team members, despite what perk they use.

Q2 Which servers are available during KFG Events?
A2 To view where our servers are located visit our server page.
Q1 I am interested in the Killing Floor Games and i like to help out, is it possible to donate?
A1 Yes, we have a donation section on the website here.
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