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Beginner Tournament

Welcome to the Beginner Tournament event page!
This event is currently inactive.

Beginner tournament results
Not available.

Beginner tournament set-up
The Beginner's tournament is for new aswell as familiar players. Tread lightly though, as this is not for the faint of heart.
This time, we're setting the difficulty to Hard!
No matter what level your perks are, all
players are welcome. In Beginners our server mutator will force all players to level 4 for balancing and fairness.

Team sign-up fee: Free
Difficulty: Hard
Assigned perk level: 4

Minimum team size: 6 players
Maximum team size: 6 players

Game length: Long (10 waves + Patriarch)
Game mode: Wave mode
Total games: 1 for all rounds and best out of 3 for the Grand Final

Not available.

Not available.

Tournament bookings
Not available.

Date: 1 September 2016
Version: 1.01

You can read the Killing Floor Games tournament rules below - these rules will be enforced throughout the whole tournament, sign-up process and all related KFG networks & groups.

All competing players and clans/teams must abide by the rules and codes laid down within this document. Failure to do so could lead to permanent removal of any player or clan/team from the Killing Floor Games tournaments/events.

Killing Floor Games reserve the right to update and modify the rules at any time, if the rules are updated or changed during Killing Floor Games events, the teams that participate in the Killing Floor Games events will receive notice via email, this will only be done in critical situations.

If you have questions about the rules please use our contact form.
General rules
Beginner tournament

A. Abbreviations
A1. KFG= Killing Floor Games
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B. General rules
B1. During the Beginner tournament all general rules apply.
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C. Beginner tournament
Not available.
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